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Kitchen Garden Program

Aspendale Garden’s curriculum ensures our students acquire skills that will serve them now and for years to come. Years 3 and 4 students participate in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen and Garden Program. Our chef and a qualified garden specialist provide an outstanding cooking and gardening program and our students love it!


The students spend time in the garden planting, maintaining and harvesting the fruits of their labour, and spend time in the kitchen cooking cuisines from countries around the world whilst gaining insight into different cultures. Table etiquette, developing their pallet and honing their dining conversational skills are also part of this brilliant program.

Menus are based on the seasonal vegetables grown in our organic garden.  Students from all year levels enjoy, and are encouraged to help or just spend time in our huge vegetable garden during lunch time.  Feeding and caring for the chooks is a favourite for many of the students.

Our garden has recently been enhanced by the addition of a breeding aviary for endangered Australian birds which is a huge hit with the students.

Asian Slaw with Plum Dressing  Cabbage & Parmesan Pasta  Cabbage & Potato Frittata  Cauliflower Cheese Pastry 

Chocolate Brownies  Gingerbread Cookies  Greek Honey Cookies  Japanese Savoury Pancakes  Lettuce Daikon & Apple Slaw   

Popcorn Cauliflower  Roasted Daikon & Carrot   

 2022 Term 3 Recipes from the Kitchen

 2021 Term 3 Recipes from the Kitchen

 2022 Term 1 & 2 Recipes from the Kitchen

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